Friday, January 27, 2012

Ending the Year making Cheese

While I haven't posted in a very long time, I haven't stopped making cheese. Just haven't posted here. On Dec. 29th 2011, I made Queso Blanco with four delightful young ladies. In the picture above, I'm supervising 6 year old Lexi  putting a gallon of milk into the pot as 15 year old Kristi looks on.
Twelve year old Megan (little momma) is taking her turn stirring the milk to keep it from scalding.
 Even three year old Lauren (I'm almost four) takes a turn stirring with a little help from Nana.
 Lexi hams it up for the camera but kept on stirring.
Finally, after 20 minutes of stirring the milk hit the perfect temperature of 185F. and the white vinegar added to perform its magic on the milk. Megan scooped the curds out of the whey and into the butter muslin with a little salt.
After hanging around draining for a few hours, this is what half of it looked like. Half was made into a dip. (crumbled and mixed with some salsa and heated in the microwave).
Lexi and Kristi had no problem consuming this bowl, with a little help from Nana.

And Kristi showing what she liked most about the afternoon: a nice slice right off the block.

This was a fun afternoon making an easy cheese that gives the kids the chance to see the results of the help and eat it the same day. The Cheesy Geek had a great time and intends to do some more classes this year.