Monday, October 11, 2010

Cream Cheese-Second Try

I used half a Gallon of Great Value half and half from Walmart. (pull date Nov 30) I heated the milk to 70 on the induction plate then took it off the hot plate. The temperature continued to rise to 80. Room temp was 77.6. I added 3/32 tsp of the mesophilic started MA 011 bulk pack and let it sit from 10:15am until 6:30pm. It had formed a solid mass and pulled away from the sides when pressed. I poured it into butter muslin and hung it to drain. At 9:00pm I changed the butter muslin and left it to drain overnight.

At 6:30am I took it out of the muslin and put it into containers. The volume yield was just over 3 cups. The weight yield was 1lb 10oz.

It is very smooth, light and mild tasting. I thought it was a bit on the moist side but it will probably be better after it has chilled. I didn't press it so it is not as dense as store bought.

Joan has some fresh pumpkin she cooked down and is going to make pumpkin cheese cake with this batch. I'm looking forward to having it this weekend.

Note: I gave some to Chef Paula and she said it was the best cream cheese she ever had. (-:

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