Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A mid week break: Valentines Day Treat

Here is a Valentines treat I made for my Honey. I have written before about making Fromage Blanc before. It is a cream cheese like white cheese but tends to be much lighter. After making the Fromage Blanc, I took some fresh strawberries (Local and in-season here in central Florida) and put them through the food processor with a couple table spoons of sugar. I combined two cups of the cheese and half cup of strawberries with a fork although you could probably use the food processor for mixing them. I "cook" more by taste than recipe and after combining the cheese and strawberries, my first taste said: "More sugar, Please". a little more sugar. . .  a little more mixing. . . and a little more tasting. . .I lined two Coeur a la creme molds with damp cheese cloth and spooned the mixture into them. After a few hours draining on a pan in the refrigerator it was ready to be turned out onto a plate. The addition of some sugared strawberry finished off this dessert. I suppose you could add a bit of whipped cream but would probably be too rich. For pretty, you could dust it with some confectioners sugar. But, we liked it just the way you see it above.

The cheese was much lighter than I expected considering that the leftover Fromage Blanc became pretty dense. Chef Paula called it "Fromage Blanc Strawberry Mousse". I'm not sure it is as light as a mousse but it is surprisingly light and delicious. I believe we could use any in-season berry to make this special dessert. I'd like to try peach next time they are available. Blueberry, Blackberry, Raspberry...oh my.

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