Thursday, August 30, 2012

New Batch of Feta in the jars

     My Feta is in the jars with Italian Seasoning infused Olive oil. The smaller jars are half pints and contain 4oz of feta and the larger one is a pint and contains 8oz of Feta. Not bad, 20oz of finished feta out of one gallon of fresh goats milk. 

The olive oil (1 1/2 pints) was heated to 140F then, 2TBS of Italian seasoning was added. The oil cooled in a cover pan until it was at room temperature. Due to the distribution of this batch, I put 8oz of the cheese in the one pint and filled it with the olive oil. In the half pint jars I added 4oz of Feta then filled the jar with olive oil.

These will age 2-3 weeks at room temperate before being given to the lucky recipients. As they age whey continues to escape the confines of their curds and collects at the bottom of the jars. No problem for the cheese. It all tastes good in the mouth.

Btw these make great holiday gifts if you don't mind making a batch around Thanksgiving. (-:

the Cheesy Geek

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